A Few Baby Quilts

Linda sent these sample quilts…she is going to Arizona to sell kits and homemade items.

IMG_1253-001 IMG_1254-001

This Hello Kitty , I just went it and added details to the picture in front of me. So cute!

She is always a pleasure to work with …and I love the variety of quilts that come across my frame.

IMG_1255-001 IMG_1256-001


This next one doesn’t show up well in the photos…but it is so cute! I love the words and sayings in the fabrics.

I quilted all over Charisma Curls.

IMG_1257-001This last one is pretty as well.

Yellow & gray is so popular right now ….


I quilted all over flowers & vines.

IMG_1259-001The back

IMG_1260-001Thanks so much Linda!

Always a pleasure! I hope you do well in the show!









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