A Day in My New Routine ( plus a little more)

After last weeks progress update on my weight I thought maybe to help some of you I would post some of my daily menus and things that I try to do to keep my progress going.

I use MYFITNESSPAL to track all of my foods.

Tracking your daily intake is so important. It is so easy to over eat or not eat enough depending on where you are in the journey. Getting enough calories so that you aren’t in starvation mode is so important. It’s also good to get good quality calories.

So my family are fast food -convenient food junkies. It’s a problem. They want anything from a package or in a wrapper. I watched a documentary on Netflix shortly after getting surgery called “Fed-Up” It has changed my life. I would highly recommend watching that. I promise you that you will look at grocery stores differently. I have also watched many other things with some foodies that I really like. A couple years ago I made the switch to only buy meats that were hormone & antibiotic free…now I am trying to clean out all of the chemicals. My family is not on board with this…it’s a struggle every single day. One of my sons and my husband are not taking this well…and I am pretty much never going to give up. My husband has many health issues that he wont contribute to his poor diet at all….he is not proactive about it at all. But I don’t want to argue about it anymore.

So here are my tools for diet:

So I try to eat a low carb/high protein diet. But I will occasionally eat a few slices of potato or have a tablespoon of rice. Mostly my carbs come from fruit.

I aim for 1200 calories a day ( I adjust this depending on my work out. If I work out I get to add in a few more calories. This will have to be adjusted according to your weight, height , gender ect. But I don’t want to go on a  diet less than 1200 calories because I don’t think that is realistic in the long run for me.

So the other thing I should let you know is that I can only eat 3.5 to 4 ounces at a sitting. Some of these meals I have to eat in sessions so that i can get it all in. I am on a strict routine so that I can time it all out through out my day.

Breakfast menus I typically eat:

2 slices of bacon, 75% of a fried egg, 3 slices of fried potato

protein powder with oatmeal

Fruit smoothie with protein powder

Lunch items:

salad- I really love creamy dressings……so I use them. But I buy the greek yogurt versions and they are half the calories and taste just as good. I may add a slice of bacon or ham to this along with blue cheese crumbles

I will also make my own vinaigrette dressings. But there are several low calorie dressings out there to try. Everyone is different about dressings.

A lean protein- Chicken, salmon, tilapia, beef….whatever I have on hand.

If I don’t eat a salad I will eat half an avacado, chunks of fruit or tomato, or zoodles.

I go out to a mexican restaurant for lunch at least once a week with a friend. when I go I typically order Carne asada. It’s steak. I order no rice extra beans. It comes with some guacamole. This meal will actually last me 3-4 meals.

Fajitas without tortillas is also a good option.


I post on Fb what I am having for dinner everyday. Lots of people like to share recipes ect. So I am always trying new menu options.

But It’s usually a lean protein along with some veggies just like lunch. But I do really love soup and will occasionally have some soup.

I have always been a pasta lover. Pasta and I had a tight relationship.

I no longer eat pasta. I have replaced pasta with Spaghetti squash or zoodles. I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. There are tons of recipes out there for both ….but honestly- I can use spaghetti squash in the place of almost all pasta recipes.

I will occasionally eat a spoonful of rice…by spoonful I mean a tablespoon. Yes, that little bit. It just helps me get over that craving. I have tried riced cauliflower…and it doesn’t seem to be a good replacement for me. I will try again.

I am also a pizza lover. We would eat pizza very regularly around here. I have tried 3 different recipes for carb free pizza and I liked all of the versions. I have a few more recipes to try.


I have a snack every day….I have to in order to get my calories in each day. Most of the time I need two.

So my typical snacks are :

fruit, yogurt with granola, smoothie with protein powder, skinny pop-popcorn, protein bars, string cheese, cottage cheese, baby-bell cheese, seeds or nuts.  If I am having a particular sweet tooth I will have an atkins treat. They are a low carb treat…..I try not to eat these unless I think I will die without something sweet. The nice thing about them is that they don’t put your body in a tailspin of wanting more sugar….but they satisfy the sweet tooth. But they are processed and not exactly healthy. But there are certain times during the month where a girl just needs a piece of chocolate…honestly.

So I am really trying to get off of the fast food train.

I did indulge one day in fast food because I needed to try something to break my stall and one of the tricks is to have a high calorie/fat day. In my current situation and with what I have on hand..I would have to eat all day long to get that kind of day. So I ate at fast food 2 times in one day.  It took me a while to get it all down. But I have to tell you-> after eating clean for so long that was a rough day for me.

After eating just one meal my focus was crappy. I was sluggish and I didn’t want to do anything.

Then after awhile the stomach cramps started and I was on the pot.

But you know what else happened? I was starving. I couldn’t not get enough food…I would eat and be full for 30 minutes and be hungry again.

It’s because that food is a bunch of crappy low-quality calories. My body just immediately got addicted and wanted more..it’s a drug. This is why my husband is crabby about his diet. He gets an allowance every week…and he spends it all on fast food.

So it’s not worth it to me to feel like that anymore. Once you feel good & healthy that is a hard way to live.

it took me another day to get that crap out of my system…..and I had to drink lots of fluids to flush it out.


One of the other things that I hear a lot of people say is that they don’t believe in depriving themselves of certain things. I kind of don’t agree with this completely.

I think that I need to know myself enough to know what my trigger foods are. I need to stay away from them or time them for when I know I have the mental stability to fight off the cravings after I have it.

So since surgery I have had ice cream a few times. Ice cream isn’t my trigger food. I can eat ice cream …..and eat my 3.5 ounces. Log it in my food tracker…..and then be fine. I won’t feel like I need more. However, If I were to eat a piece of fudge or a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting….that would be a trigger for me. I would want more…I just know it. So I don’t indulge in that. Maybe I will at some point…but for now, until I conquer this portion of my journey I am not going to give into that. I will need to know that I am mentally strong to fight that urge. I have come to far to give into that.

I also know that if I had one slice of bread….I might struggle. I love wheat bread, garlic bread, rolls, biscuits ect. I have not indulged in 1 of those things because I love them to much and I don’t want to have to battle that fight in my mind. Eating a sandwich was a normal everyday thing for me….and I can no longer have sandwiches. I just gave them up. The bread would be to much temptation.  So to each their own. Maybe this  will change for me later? I don’t know how this story ends. But this is where I am right now.

So on to liquids.

I drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day. This will be different depending on exercise ect. This is where I struggle. Before surgery I drank water easily…..no problems. I have always been a plain ice water drinker. Now plain water upsets my stomach. Really bad uncomfortable…..this seems to be normal for several of us….so I do currently put chemical laden crap in my water. I try every couple of days to make myself just drink plain water thinking it’s “mind over matter” and to just get used to the pain of drinking plain water….I mean what is the deal? and I go back to putting crystal light or whatever in my water. I have tried lemon or lime..sometimes that works. So I will just keep on trying to get that back on track. I really dis-like using sugar free chemicals at all….so I am working on that portion. I always feel better in my mind when I can eliminate that.

so I am not 100% “clean” as far as my diet……but getting there. Small steps and it will happen.

So exercise.

I exercise almost every day. I try to take 1 day a week off. Just because I need it.

So I started out with walking. I would walk 1 mile-then 2 miles then 3…now I can do 5-6 miles a day. Slow miles.

I started interval jogging. I decided to go ahead and start couch to 5 K this past week instead of waiting…..I was further along in my journey than I thought I was. My times are incredibly slow …but I am not dying while interval running. I am putting myself out there. I am signing up to run a 5 K on Thanksgiving day. What better way to start this process? I have much to be thankful for and running my first run on Thanksgiving day just seems appropriate. I will be slow..but I have 7 weeks to get in gear. I am pretty sure I can do it. I already know I can do intervals for that long……now I just need to get better times.

So I am trying to stretch myself and push myself to get stronger.

I will also do videos at home or on from apps on my phone to supplement. I will add in a few 100 calories to my diet if I do a particularly difficult work out day.

There have been times where I am sore for 2-3 days after a work out…so I know something is happening. I just keep going.

So last week I had written that I had gone down 4 sizes. I was having a particularly difficult Sunday thinking about my stall….and decided to try on some size 14 pants. I received a bunch of 14’s from a friend. I can pull them all up and button them…but I can only wear half of them comfortably. So I have gone down almost another size….I am sure in 2 weeks I will be able to wear all of them comfortably. What happens with me is that I spend most of my days in sweats, leggings or yoga pants. I work out in the morning and then work from home. So I don’t really need to dress up for anyone. I never truly know when I drop a size because I hang out in elastic waist pants. You can wear those types of pants for a few sizes…so its difficult to tell. So even though this stall has lasted a long time…my body is still changing. It kind of just happens.

I also discovered that those XL tank tops that I wear on a daily basis are fine for lounging around the house…but not really for jogging. The straps fall down because they are too big. So I guess it’s time to admit defeat and go to the larges.

I find it difficult to part with some of my clothes….I don’t think I have an un-natural attachment to any of them. I think its just accepting myself as I am. I am no longer Super size? If that makes sense? I can’t see the changes happening as fast as they are….and It’s difficult for my mind to comprehend. That is until something happens …like my underwear falling off while wearing my sweats, or straps falling while jogging. Once that happens..it’s hard to deny. Those are all good things…Not complaining. But just giving you a glimpse into the mind of someone on this journey of self.

I am learning so much about myself. How to push myself. How to replace behaviors, how to feel things….in all ways. How to manage. what makes me tick. Learning what my coping skills are…and how to replace them with good or better ones. It’s all such a process. It’s not easy. It difficult every single day. It’s time consuming. It takes residence in my head….it takes prayers…love ..support ect. I try to be thankful for something every day. I also try to be proud of myself everyday. I try to focus on what I did accomplish instead of tearing myself down for my failures.

It’s a life changing event that takes time.I hope this helps some of you. PLease let me know If you have any questions for me.







4 thoughts on “A Day in My New Routine ( plus a little more)

  1. Charisma, I really enjoyed reading this post. Primarily because I should be right there with you. I, too, am overweight and should be following your diet, but I know my husband wouldn’t approve. I am losing, though.

  2. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing your adventures to a healthier lifestyle. We all have to find what works for us and I think you are helping others to find their way.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I tried a Low Carb and protein diet and got into trouble with my mind and my appetite. Could not go to the fridge or even eat. Then saw a nutritionist. For me Beans, a little meat, lots of veggies, Water, small amt of bread or rice. I have learned veggies are important.
    Thank you for the writing of the exercise plan. Trying to follow it also.
    I think 1200 calories is great and a good choice.
    Best wishes in all your efforts.

  4. What a story. I am assuming you had lap bend or gastric bypass surgery. My cousin had gastric bypass and her eating sounds like yours she cannot exercise anymore as she has back issues and is elderly. You are smart to take care of it while you are young and by the way, you are beautiful.

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