A Daughter’s Wedding Gift

You all know how sentimental I am…a romantic at heart…I know. It’s difficult being so soft sometimes..LOL.
Yesterday in fact with my girlfriends at brunch ….one of them was teasing me about crying at movie commercials…I can’t help it. We were in the movie and she CLEARLY has a no heartstrings cause I started crying at a movie commercial that she thought looked stupid…LOL> ( she is super funny….so I was laughing..and it’s Ok I appreciate our differences)

But this quilt…. if I were the daughter recieving this… would make me cry.

Beverly made this for her daughter as a wedding gift. She made this quilt from her daughter’s outgrown clothes. Clothes she wore as a little girl…they are now turned into a beautiful quilt she can treasure as an adult..gifted at a perfect time. I know this is actually the “roots” of quilting…..right? making something new out of something old? Quilters use everything they have..I love that. traditional meets modern. Common theme for me.

I am sentimental about those types of things…I don’t take those things for granted…I know not everyone is like that…..but I feel so honored when I am just a tiny part of something like this. I LOVE my job! Honestly. I pray over the quilt for many blessings…as it goes into the new home and life.

Beverly wanted the butterflies to stand out and take the show..she wanted the rest of the quilting to be subtle. I hope I accomplished that….

One thought on “A Daughter’s Wedding Gift

  1. How sweet and I am sentimental too…. so I cry often when watching tv, reading and riding…seldoom in front of many….love the quilt and yes the daughter will be touched i am sure…Hugs T

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