A Bundle of Quilts

Michelle took advantage of the computer special and brought us 4 quilts. She is a local quilter and I have quilted for her before.

This thimbleberry quilt is HUGE! It might be the biggest quilt I have ever quilted…thankfully the computer quilter has a 14 foot frame. 🙂  I quilted a Jacobean type design to match a design in the fabrics.

We quilted the botanical blooms design on this quilt…so pretty.

This rail fence is so pretty in the monochromatic colors and small strips. The designs was chosen because it matched one of the fabrics so closely….it’s amazing how that happens sometimes.

I chose a paisley design for this last one because I have been wanting to try this design out and it matched the theme in some of the fabrics.

I was able to quilt this design on one of my own scrappy quilts that I will show soon. 🙂

I liked the design so much. 🙂



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