A Book Review

Is it really fair to review a book ..even if you haven’t made a single quilt from it?

I think so.

I bought this book:L5026_OFBC.indd


OK so we all have those books in our studio. I have a few of them..the ones that we read over and over again…the ones that just appeal to us and we have no idea why? Maybe the colors? Maybe it’s the charming photos? a specific theory we like? I have two books that I simply want to make ever single quilt pattern they have made…which many of you already know about…cause I talk about them…regularly. I am also pretty wild about several of Bonnie Hunter’s scrappy quilt pattern..just because she makes them so easy to accomplish..and they are simply lovely.

Well this book has now gone into that “Category” for me. I love the colors…the scrappy feel to most of them( even if they aren’t) I love the patterns. She has a way of mixing flying geese, and 4 patches with simple blocks ( ohio stars…my latest love) and HST …to make great comfortable, traditional type designs. I do sort of have an issue with buying lots of books and patterns….however..I get to a point of not buying most books because they all begin to look the same to me..plus we have so many free patterns on the net.. or I can figure a pattern out myself..and I don’t need a book. But sometimes when I just want to sew..I don’t want to do any figuring…a pattern is what is needed. So This book sat in my amazon shopping cart since December. Cause I was unsure….then I bought it with a few other things I “needed” …now I am glad i did. I think You will soon see a quilt from this book…because it’s just speaking to me..in all my scrap happy madness right now.

So if you just want a nice read, color or scrap inspiration..I would recommend this book!

Have a great sunday!




2 thoughts on “A Book Review

  1. I have this book too and just love it!! In fact, I’ve made three of the patterns in it already and have at least two more in the planning stages. This is rare for me. Usually I buy a book because it has one or two (three if I’m VERY lucky) patterns I want to do. But I could easily make every quilt in this book!!

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