A Blue and Yellow Sampler

A Blue and Yellow Sampler….(B&Y)

So a few years ago( I can’t even tell you how many 5 or 6? How does times escape that fast?)

my LQS was offering a 5$ quilt. If you paid 5$ and completed your block every month, then brought it in on the assigned day you could get the next month for free. I am pretty sure I paid more than 5$ LOL. In the end I took scraps and tried to make my own blocks. …they aren’t all as fabulous…but there were two color ways you could choose from B&Y or Black and White ( B&W) I made both..the other one was finished and I actually sold it a few years ago. This one I made for my mother. At the time she was re-decorating her livingroom in these colors and I thought it would be a nice gift. I gave her the top at Christmas time with the hopes of finishing it in the new year. Life gets in the way and now we no longer have a relationship ( most of you know).
I don’t really have ill feelings and I feel like this quilt belongs to her…so I will get it bound and labeled. I will give it to a family member to give to my mother. I just have to be careful how that is handled…however…I am not sure that these colors are fitting for her anymore. But a gift is a gift and I honestly feel like it has to go to her. I made it with the intention of giving it to her….and if I didn’t I would feel bad. You know how that is?

One thought on “A Blue and Yellow Sampler

  1. Bless you C, the quilt is pretty and like you said it was a gift…you are in my prayers. I still have not gone to moms storage building ( I have had some crud for awhile and it is hanging…ugh) Blessings T

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