A Birdie Round Robin

Well a few years ago I was part of a small quilting group.

Each person in the group go to pick a block for their birthday month for all the other members to make…I chose a block from a book called Material Obsession. I had an odd number of blocks. So i used this one from Marge to be the center of a round Robin that went around a few years ago.  It was a particularly rough year because we had one member steal all of our Round robins….she was actually in 2 groups and took them in both. I had worked with her countless times and wouldn’t have suspected that at all…it was a sad time. IMG_9507

Then my next one got lost in the mail….so I sent out this one and it took a long time to get back because it was late in getting started. but I am just thankful it came back….:)IMG_9508

So I pieced a back from a bunch of scraps and got it on the frame last night. It’s fun and busy ( which is my favorite) so I just quilted all over swirls & leaves…I stippled the center. The birds all have 3-d wings and bead eyeballs. SO CUTE!   IMG_9511

Here is the center:IMG_9509 IMG_9510

My Group did a great job! Thanks everybody! I appreciate all of your hard work!

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