Shades of B&W and a Tree Skirt

Susan sent these 2 as well.

I want to say that the tree skirt is a buggy barn pattern…I am sure I have quilted one before. It’s a cute tree skirt and I just gave it some zing with shiny gold thread and lots of texture! IMG_9443 IMG_9444 IMG_9445

The colors don’t look true in the photos. But you can see the texture. :)

This second one is all kinds of black, gray, & neutrals. The use of color is fun and also god practice for color theory. I like these kinds of projects…sometimes it take forever to find just the right color. IMG_9440 IMG_9441 IMG_9442

They look lovely! Susan always does a great job!

Thanks Susan!


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  • Very prètty

    1 Bonny Brock said this (July 5, 2014 at 9:56 am) Reply

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