9 Patch Pzazz

IMG_5314Sabrina made this quilt…..WOWZERS! I love it! IMG_5315

She and I love all the same colors and fabrics. truth be told I have loved everything she has ever made..honestly. IMG_5316

She made this for her niece’s wedding gift..who must also love this color palette. 🙂IMG_5317

The focus fabric is a Kaffe….double WOW! and the book she got the pattern from is listed here. I have the book and it is great! It’s perfect for those focus fabrics you don’t know how to cut or panels as well. IMG_5318

I quilted with charisma curls and loopies….and outlined some of the framed flowers. Thanks Sabrina…LOVE! IMG_5319

Here’s the back….YUMMY!IMG_5320

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