9 Patch City Planner

Well I am behind on quilting…..I will have pictures tomorrow to post for sure. 🙂IMG_8624

But in the mean time I wanted to share this quilt top. I have an abundance of 9 patches. I made them last year. I cleaned out my 2.5 inch square bin…..and also supplemented with jelly roll strips. I also swapped with a friend. I have already made one quilt using them, here.

So I am have been looking for ways to set them. I am beginning to think that the 9 patch is quite a favorite of mine. It seems so comfy & cozy to me. Modern fabrics, vintage fabrics or calicos…a 9 patch is just classic. So I decided that the next quilt I will put together with these 9 patches will be Sister’s Choice….it’s by Bonnie Hunter. IMG_8622

But I found this setting in the Tula Pink Modern quilt block book. I have made all 100 of Tula’ s Modern blocks. I just have not shown them yet. After deciding to make the Sister’s choice quilt….I still had enough 9 patches to make another quilt and I thought this one would be perfect. 2 classic settings and a modern setting. IMG_8623

It’s difficult to see in the photos…but I used Kona white and a brown & white polka dot to set the 9 patches. It’s windy today so I had to wait for opportune times to click the pics so you could see the quilt. hehe. IMG_8621

It is a fun quilt. I am going to have a fun time quilting it. Fells good to check off another project. Getting closer to finishing those UFO’s.

I hope you all have a great day!

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