5$ Quilt (BOM)

My shop always has a great turn out for the 5$ quilt. It’s a BOM that they host (almost) every year. Always a different pattern….and this last year is was this quilt.

5$ quilt 2013

This was posted on The Fabric Patch FB page. I didn’t not quilt this or make it.

The blocks are only 5 inches. There are several setting options and I have seen 3  completely different quilts from this class. You wouldn’t have even known that they were from the same class.

The great thing about 5$ quilt is that usually the person making the quilts gets a lot of liberty to “design” their own quilts along the way. That is scary for some…but liberating for others. There are some “rules” for the ones that like them…..meaning a set pattern if you need it. But usually just guidelines. 🙂

So this is the one Jeff made and I quilted: IMG_6482 IMG_6487


He requested that the quilting be secondary to the design. Meaning he didn’t want to be able to really see that. all-over designs are good for that especially a stipple(which is what he requested) However I did do some leaves in the borders..which you really can’t see. 🙂  IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6485

A close up of the small blocksIMG_6488

The back. IMG_6486

He chose many Moda Kansas troubles prints and Andover civil war reproductions. Always a comfortable blend of colors and fabrics.

My LQS owner said if you would like the pattern she will charge 20$ +free shipping. The Site is listed here.

Just tell them I sent ya!



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