The Muppets…Hamburgers with Double Pickles

That’s what we are thankful for today…hehe.

So today we spent majority of our day working. I have only done a bit of quilting…sad to say…I was hoping to finish at least one quilt. But we started putting together our family room. It is actually starting to come together. Rob finally decided how he was going to arrange everything. I am happy to report that I recycled most of the decorations from other parts of the house. We only bought a few new things because I have enough already.Although the kids have told me we can no longer have picture frames without photos in them…..”real” photos. Carl says it’s weird to have a frame that says “our family” and there is an African American family in the frame. Clearly it’s not “Our Family” LOL. Well the store bought family is nice looking…I just thought I would keep them around for awhile. So I promised I would fill them.

I used to be so good about sending out pictures, taking pictures, sending out cards..I would even make them each year. When I started school all of that stopped. So I think maybe there are big things in 2012. First major purchase for me….will be a new camera. my camera is old….I think the flash is broken…and I would like an SLR.I have an old 35 mm SLR… dated am I? LOL. My resolution is to take more pictures of my kids again, scrapbook some…and send out CHristmas cards. Little steps. hehe.

Sally called tonight and asked if I really did make Hamburgers for Thanksgiving….why yes…yes I did. LOL with all the fixins….even Pickles. We all love pickles..(except Jeri). They love pickles as a snack.

We finished the evening off with the Muppets. YEP! My kids don’t even really know who the muppets are…but the movie was cute. …the best part for anyone who remembers the muppets was “Muppet Man”…..Do any of you remember muppet man?I think I am actually going to buy the soundtrack from the movie..Carla if you read this I thought there was a song in there especially for you! LOL “Party For one” LOL.

Today was a good day. Laughs….sweaty brows…and more improvement.

Much to be thankful for…God Bless you all!

One thought on “The Muppets…Hamburgers with Double Pickles

  1. i think burgers for Thanksgiving is fantastic! look at how fewer dishes you had to do than me! i just love spending the entire day in the kitchen to have everyone eat in 20 minutes and then spend another hour or so putting everything away and cleaning up to fall into the chair exhausted and swear next year you will never do this again…until next year comes along….your picture frames…i think you may have just made my day haha that is just great! thank you for the giggles! :))

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