37 Feels a Bit Like 36?

I know, I know. As we get older birthdays just blend together and one years bleeds into the next. I think that is so true…because I don’t feel any different.

I am 3 years away from 40 and I am not scared or worried about it. In fact I think I will like my 40’s. As I get older I think I understand myself and the world so much better…that I am not sure I would ever want to go back to my 20’s and ever do that all over again. I like myself where I am. I am learning to accept myself flaws & all.

I rang in year 37 with Bruno Mars. I am in love with Bruno’s music. I just have to say I like his style because he is not a 1 trick pony. You can hear & See the influences of Michael Jackson, Journey, The rat pack and others…through out all of his music.  He puts on a great performance and he sounds AMAZING in person. So if you have the opportunity…you should see him. Donna blessed me with a ticket for my birthday and I really enjoyed the show.

I can tell that I am getting older because I felt very vulnerable at the show. On more than one occasion I was wishing rob was with me. Not because he really loves Bruno….in fact he doesn’t like crowds of people or big social functions by any means. But When I felt vulnerable I wished he was with me because he makes me feel safe. When you are in that HUGE crowd of people….and the drunks behind you start getting into a physical altercation …it ran across my mind that a riot could start or a stampede and I felt insecure.

But the drunks worked it out and calmed down. Also that is a prime place for some psycho to decide to bomb a place…and as big as the place is there aren’t any safe routes out….there is one bridge over a river that everyone has to cross to get out…..and that didn’t make me feel very safe. I think as the world turns ugly…and I get older I actually think about these things. In my 20’s it would have been a non-issue.

On my actual birthday I relaxed…did some hand embroidery and Clarissa and I watched a Gilmore Girl marathon.   The boys arrived home after being away for a week. So we actually had a family dinner …no w2 nights in a row. That has been unusual this summer. The boys went school clothes shopping while they were gone and of course they had to show me all of their fabulous purchases.( which is so great…..I asked Landon to start taking them since Spokane has better stores…..wink-wink. I actually really hate school clothes shopping!)  So that’s how my night went. bliss~

This could be my last year before another one leaves the nest and we all know I don’t handle that transition very well…LOL So we shall see how I feel at 38.

I also didn’t get my Fabric Fast stats posted…..but I don’t think anything had changed. I am not sue I had time to add anything…but I will double check that for this week. I have a busy week ahead of me….so I hope you all have a great week! I will have a post in a few hours that warms my heart!




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