Lilac Dusted Delectable Mountains

OK so the last post was lilac covered wreaths remember?Oddly enough the same day that quilt came did this one. …I am telling you all I don’t know how many quilts i have quilted with this lilac fabric…good thing I LOVE it. It’s very pretty …because I see it frequently.

Warm memories of Grandma every time! LOL

Anyway Dianne is another Sister in CHRIST…I am always excited to hear that. This is our first time working together and I think, we done good!


I don’t actually know the name of this pattern …but it has delectable mountains hence the title I gave my post.

Dianne said she liked Charisma Curls, and Feathers…..but then said I have freedom to quilt how I wanted. Of course when someone tells me what they like I want to honor that….so this is my interpretation…I really love the way this finished.

She sent a bamboo batting. Of course I quilted everything freehand on my 26 Innova.

Thanks Dianne! I hope to work with you again!

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