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Last year I started a few Round Robin groups. I don’t own any 30’s quilts. I know…it’s pretty shocking! Of all the quilts I own….(other than a a few real vintage 30’s quilts) I didn’t own any reproduction 30’s quilts.



30’s prints are so charming and they make you feel comfortable.


IMG_9591 IMG_9592 IMG_9593 IMG_9594


So I decided to have my group add to my 30’s center. I am so in love with this quilt. They captures everything about 30’s. English paper pieced flowers, pinwheels, bowties, dresdens, prairie points , yo-yo’s …my goodness it’s so perfect! It finished huge too! It will easily fit my king size bed.

IMG_9595 IMG_9596


It took me awhile to quilt it…I pinned it on last week…and just finished it.

I quilted each round differently. Just like all the rounds were added by someone different..I wanted to hightlight that.


IMG_9601 IMG_9602 IMG_9603 IMG_9604



I will treasure this for always! I used a muslin for the back: IMG_9599

A special thanks to my group! Terry, Tisha, Carolyn, Carol, Mike, Jenn & Barb! Thanks Everyone! You put together a masterpiece!


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