30’s IRR from 2012

Last year I was part of an IRR group ( mine still hasn’t arrived home..there was some complications with mine….I have bad luck) Mike’s is beautiful and HUGE! It turned out to be 100×100. Good Queen size. 🙂

I added the bow tie border.

he sent it tome for quilting look at the box that arrived:IMG_5925

Do you think he loves me? His quilt? My quilting? Maybe he’s a little excited to be finished? LOL! So cute!

IMG_6280 IMG_6281


I added lots of textures….I made each round individual with different designs…..just to change it up, IMG_6282 IMG_6283IMG_6276 IMG_6275 IMG_6274I wanted each round to be different to represent all the rounds added by each person. I think that’s what makes these quilts so special. IMG_6273

I also wanted to keep the designs simple…not overwhelming. IMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6279


fans, loops, stipple, continuous curves, charisma curls, flowers, and orange peels.

Thanks Mike! Love ya!


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