2016 Goals revisited

Hi Friends!

Well I set some pretty lofty goals for 2016 ….and I just wanted to give you an update on how I am holding up. I actually made a check list to mark off and keep track of my progress so I can hold myself accountable.

I found  daily devotion app that I really like. I like it so much that sometimes I will do 2 a day because I just look forward to it so much. It’s called “Soul Survivor-Bible in one year”

YOu can click on the link here.

I just looked for the app on my phone and I read the verses everyday and watch the videos that go with them. The videos are no longer than 4 minutes for each one and they have great insight for each reading.

So I have done those everyday.

I have also been saying “Yes” to something every week that I really want to say “No”…I hold myself accountable to Rob and that one..because he is always keeping track of that one….married couples will understand why. 🙂

I also have been reading regularly, pampering myself more often and I am in the middle of a Brene Brown Class. It makes you dig deep.

I did a good deed..I feel like I shouldn’t be telling about this because it’s not biblical to do so….so I will just write about this if I struggle with not doing it.

I will also say that I am not really a complainer. I think I make observations sometimes….but I don’t dwell on bad things….or repeat them over & over. I think once I process why something was bothersome or uncomfortable I re-adjust and move on. I think because I have so many complainers in my house hold..that I thought maybe I had an issue. This is one area that I think I can honestly say it’s not an out of hand issue.

so something I really struggled with and thought I would is the Mirror talk. Seriously, even when I know I am supposed to do it…I don’t. So it’s not as if I “forget” and just don’t get around to it….because we all know I am a star chart kid and I like marking things off of a list. Somehow I hold myself back and I just can’t make myself do it. I don’t know what the hang-up is. Other than being vulnerable. Maybe it’s just that I feel fake…..like I make up all of these great things to say to myself in the mirror and I can’t buy what I am trying to sell to myself? I know that sounds so harsh and it’s what I am trying to change..the self talk. Many of us struggle with this. I know once I make it a habit it will be OK….but for some reason I am afraid of the success? I hold myself back….so I am really going to try and make this an effort for February.

So other than the Mirror talk how do I feel?

I feel great. I love that I have some down time everyday for devotions & reading. I feel armored everyday with word from God. I feel refreshed learning something new to read and it makes me think.

I love that my toenails are painted. It’s such a little thing. But for many years I couldn’t see my feet while standing up ..so the painted or unpainted toe nails didn’t bother me. Now I like to look down and see them….all pretty.

I have also had the opportunity to catch up with friends and go out of my comfort zone a little by saying “Yes” and doing things. It hasn’t been horrible. LOL so overall I am glad I chose the goals I did.

I still have a lot of organizing and things to do to get ready for school. I have been getting side tracked. SO this weekend I am going to work on some of that stuff and get in order. 🙂

So here’s to a new month …so glad to share it with all of you!





6 thoughts on “2016 Goals revisited

  1. You are doing awesome! Can’t wait to know how exercise is going. I love the time you set aside for God each day. This is the most important goal you have!
    You are really a blessing to all you come in contact with. Kathleen

  2. Happy February my Dear, You are so strong and get done all these things you set out to do. I understand how talking to the mirror is so hard some days all I see is the old me and get mad when I talk of fat this ,fat that , Then my grandson son hugs me tight and I remember that I am what God’s wants me to be. Be good to yourself and love yourself I do love you and me. Sending plenty of hugs Pat

  3. C,I believe those “little things”add up to a big ” happy” ! At least for me they do.
    I love everything you write about. You are truly in the moment.
    xo sue

  4. Charisma, Dear:
    Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts and encouragement. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. I, too, have a problem with mirror talk, but sometimes I just say, “hello, child of God, have a great day” and smile….. Daily devotions are wonderful, and I do them too, and love the little blue heart box.
    Blessings of love to you, Roberta

  5. Hi Charisma: Just wanted to share my “Daily Word” as it seems to fit YOU so well. Much love to you. Roberta
    In service, I make a difference.

    Monday, February 1, 2016
    Whenever I wonder what difference I can make, I remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words: “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.” Prayerfully I open my awareness to how I can serve my community. A family member may need a helping hand or a new person in my field of expertise could use a mentor. I consider what organizations align with my passions and values and ask how to get involved.
    I take time to rejuvenate myself so I can be fully present to those I am serving. I eat healthy foods, get adequate rest and exercise, and take time in the Silence. As I step into service, I know my actions make a difference.
    Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.—Matthew 18:4-5

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