2015 In Review

Well it’s difficult to sum up a whole year in 1 post don’t you think? I am bound to forget some really great things that happened this year.

~But in the spring we paid off all of our debt except our house.

~We had a son graduate from high school & move out. He hasn’t made good choices since then.

~I had a life changing surgery, ran my first race, and lost a significant amount of weight

~Clarissa entered Junior high, has become emotional, and she’s figuring out who she is.

~Preston passed Driver’s ed, decided not to play a winter sport, and he’s looking for his first car.

~Cole got a permanent job (instead of seasonal) < he also had a car accident, had some life obstacles that are shaping him, Started college

~Carl is still in college, had to forfeit a summer job for college classes, he has gone on a couple of dates and stretching his social skills

~Our oldest daughter has come back and I think she actually enjoys spending time with us ( We shall see)

~Rob made it through a year without an actual surgery…..but did have plenty of medical issues. He also got a new car which has been a long time coming.



Here is one of our family pictures. We have more to come. These were taken at the beginning of October…so I had only lost about 60 pounds at that time…It’s amazing how forty some pounds more has made a big impact on my looks.

We got a new kitchen, new appliances and we finished a few household things. It’s always a work in progress isn’t it?

It’s difficult to sum up what I have learned in a year. I make monthly updates on my personal journey and weight loss journey…..so that is updated regularly.

I have to say that raising these kids is very difficult. I don’t even know how to sum that up. I feel like we do our best and I am a pretty conservative parent….but I feel like it’s a crap-shoot as to how they will turn out. How do you show your kids one way of life and yet they choose a different path, when they get out on their own? I don’t get it. I keep praying and hoping it’s a phase and that they will come around…hopefully it’s just a matter of spreading their wings and realizing things weren’t that bad…..but I can’t own their choices when they are adults. I have shown them a good way of life….and I refuse to apologize for that. I protected them and guided them. I also refuse to enable them. So it’s painful at times to be the “hard” or “tough love” parent. But I know it’s what’s best. I don’t live in fear of rejection or that I will never see them again. I know that I have been a solid parent and they will come back. The proof is there already.

We have had many ups& downs this year….in our family there have been deaths, divorces, losses and victories. There have been celebrations and laughs.

Even with all of these things nothing stands out as far as HUGE lessons….I have to say I am thankful for that. I have had many lessons along the way …I am not saying that…but sometimes the pain surrounding things is so great that the lessons are so huge it consumes you….and I didn’t have any of those this year other than my personal weight loss journey. 1 things is enough. LOL

I am learning how to find happiness in my every day things.

I am learning to appreciate now instead of looking to the future all of the time. I am not going to stress myself out about money and working myself to the bone while letting life pass me by. I am taking days off and learning to appreciate the now.

I am learning to listen to my body and be aware.

I have a list of things I am going to set as far as goals for the new year and I think it will just help me expand on all of these things and seal it all in.

I don’t believe that you go through life blind and everything comes to you. I believe that you must set goals and work towards them. I do think when you apply yourself- you are lead to places you couldn’t dream of…..I believe things do come to you in the right time….but I do believe you have to be aware and open to accepting it.

I am opening myself to the possibilities of these lessons and life changes.

I think that will make 2016 so much better.





18 thoughts on “2015 In Review

  1. Bless you, Charisma. You have a solid base of faith and a good attitude. Yes, life is full of ups and downs. I’ve learned not to take myself and life so seriously. Enjoy the moment, but, have plans, too. Balance. Have a happy and joyful 2016. I’ve truly been inspired by you.

  2. My Dear One,
    You have had a busy year, a happy and sad year, but you came out on top. I’m so proud of you .You set your mind to change and wow did you ever. This year may be a little harder on your weight loss journey, but one day, one hour and one minute at a time you will over come. God Bless your and yours . I’m so happy to call you a friend Love Patricia

  3. Bless you for your openness and honesty with your life and loved ones. That’s not an easy thing to do. Praying that your 2016 will be prosperous and your family grows along with you and your dreams for them.

  4. Dear Charisma, Your year-end synopsis was very insightful. I think you are a very wise woman, Wife and mother and with your attitude and goals, I can almost bet that 2016 will be a great year for you! Hugs ~ Sandy

  5. Great post, Charisma. As parents we can only do our best. My boys are grown and I can remember worrying about everything, especially how they would turn out. They are amazing men, loving, kind, good to others and the earth. I can’t ask for any more!
    As we say in Alanon- everyone has their own higher power. I really believe that- and it’s not me 🙂

    1. I know Sue. Isn’t it amazing how so many times we think we know what’s best when God is always working on something behind the scenes? I have to put myself in check all of the time. Many blessings to you!

  6. I admire your honesty and your loving heart as well as your creativity and quilting skills. Believe in yourself, you are an amazing person capable of achieving your goals and dreams

    Parenting is the hardest job because one never stops being a parent no matter how old our children are! It did become somewhat easier when my older son and his wife had children. Being a grandparent is a delightful blessing.

    May 2016 bring you and your family abundant blessings.

  7. What a joy to know someone as sweet as you who is willing to share experiences so others may learn. You are much younger than I am, but you have already learned many lessons and are doing such a great job with your life. It took me many years to get this far (about where you are now) and I have learned that love and thankfulness to daily miracles are so important. I pray you stay healthy and continue to be the beautiful person you are. and I hope your children realize how fortunate they are to have good parents, which gives them a good start to being wise and have fulfilling lives. Thank you so much for sharing with us, and know that I love you, my sweet friend. Roberta

  8. Bless your heart for this post. My youngest daughter is a Sr this year. She is the last of 6 and I am having ups & downs of emotion. I needed to hear another Mom say what you did. I am also a parent who will not own the choices my kids make as adults. But I am a fixer at heart and always my first instinct is to reach out and help. My parents never did and I survived..warts and all. I have to believe with all my MoM heart that my kids will be Ok…Thank GOD I have my quilting. =)

    1. Thank God for quilting is right! How many times quilting has eased my soul! I am a mom of 6 as well….and it doesn’t ever get easier as time goes on. You want something to ease up and you think time will do that…and it doesn’t. LOL God bless you!

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