1930’s Reproduction quilts for Linda

042This is part of the batch that Linda sent to me….and she had a few 1930’s quilts. I have to say I was late to the charm of 1930’s…now I love them!

This was may favorite on in this batch. It’s very traditional and it screamed for that type of quilting. SO there is echoing, continuous curves and leaves.

043 044

Some close up photos:

045 046

The back:

047Lovely finish!

Here is the next one:


I quilted all over flowers and leaves on this one..except I framed it in with a feather in the border.

This is a perfect quilt to showcase a variety of fabrics in any theme….so pretty!

039 040 041Linda always does a great job! Thanks for working with me Linda!

Here is the next one:


I have quilted a couple of these for her before..and I am sure I have quilted them all differently. This time I chose all over feathers. Feathers are very traditional to go with the theme of the fabrics.

057 058

So pretty!

059 060I hope you all have a wonderful day!

I am making progress on my work front!



5 thoughts on “1930’s Reproduction quilts for Linda

  1. I’m a little conflicted about these quilts. It has nothing to do with your fantastic skills as a longarm quilter but I feel they should be hand quilted. Still, they look beautiful.

  2. Maybe because I am a 30s kid, I love these quilts. I slept under many made from cloth left over from our dresses that was sent to my grandmother who was a prolific quilt maker. I still have some in my keepsakes. Quilting has changed so much over the years, but the love stays on and on. Bless you, Charisma for being such a beautiful part of this tradition.

  3. Beautiful…beautiful…beautiful. I can’t say it enough! Such talent. Love them all, especially the first one. The colors, the patterns, the quilting with your particular talent for knowing which designs work best with each pattern. I am in awe of this work!

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