1930’s Grandmothers Flower Garden

This was given to me by a very special lady at a church that I went to a few years ago. IMG_8569

She had decided to quit quilting and gave away and sold off her stash. I made her a quilt from her stash and then passed the yardage on to someone else who could use it. Then I bought a few things from her and helped her sell a few things. Then one night at bible study she brought me a bag and it had this in it. I was stunned.

I actually got a few old quilt tops from her because she said she would never finish them. I have a thing with finishing old quilt tops. I think they need to be used and loved. I know that if you want them to hold their value they need to stay in the condition they were left…but if you have a stack of blocks or a quilt top not being used what sense does that make? I think they should be finished..so they can be loved…not sitting a drawer or box gaining value? I don’t plan on selling them …..so material worth doesn’t matter to me. So I did finish this one and this one.IMG_8570

Do you know where she got them? At a yard sale in a box for less that 10$ I know shocking right?

I have no idea how long her and her sister held on to them….but I finished the two I could right away. They were just calling to me. This one was special. I just knew I had to finish her in the way she was intended. She needed to be hand quilted with cotton batting and muslin backing. So I found a hand quilter and went from there. It is not budget friendly to finish these type of quilts unless you happen to be a hand quilter. 🙂 The hand quilter told me it would take 6 months…and it took over 2 years. However…I am over the moon happy about the quilt. She did a great job! To tell the truth it would have taken me longer than two years…so I completely understand.IMG_8573

I am not sure what the story is about the quilt…or why the two long sides have the hexies cut off to make it straight…but the top & bottom edges are whole. I am trying to decide how to bind this?IMG_8571 IMG_8572

I love how it already looks vintage and crinkly due to the hand quilting. I washed everything before I sent it to the quilter so I could make any repairs that needed to be made ect. I love that the pathway is this vintage peach color rather than green. I also love that in some of the flowers there are substitutes…because a scrappy flower is so much more interesting. 🙂 I love that there are orange and yellow centers. IMG_8574 IMG_8575 IMG_8576

So  a welcome back home for me. I love being on this side as well as sending back beautiful quilts that don’t actually belong to me.


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