12 Days of Christmas……

Well I bought this kit( it isn’t exactly the same as you can see some borders are different..that’s OK.)..It’s on sale now too….mhmmm..maybe I should but another? I love this one so much..I could get one for a gift? Must decide.


Anyway….Summerfrom Mississippipeiced this for me..so I could have it finished…I am like in live with it…and her peicing is phenomenal! Honestly!

I think this quilt is a classic “Charisma” type quilting. I say that because from the beginning I looked at each element of the quilt and tried to introduce different textures..none of the designs have to be difficult or tedious..they can all be simple designs..stipples, loops, swirls and feathers. It’s just a matter of how and where you place them. I think this ismy classic style.

Of course I wanted to quilt in a way that enhanced the designs in the quilt …fabrics & pattern. LOVE this quilt!


Thanks for looking!

Can you tell which block is my favorite?






One thought on “12 Days of Christmas……

  1. ohhh love how this turned out…has me singing on the 12th day of chirstmas….hehe…its never to early for christmas at least around here. looking forward to getting mine put togther….glad i found these kits for us

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