Just Another Manic Monday

Well I got up after 5 hours of sleep..YAY ME! LOL. I made a deposit at the bank…was making my way to Wal-Mart and realized..I better call because if i walk all the way to the back of the store and that department isn’t open I am going to be upset….Yeah..Thank goodness i called….it didn’t open til 9. I could have stayed in a nice warm house? Ahhh well.

So Beth came over today…Beth is my binder. She is making a bunch of cute Christmas quilts to sell at a craft fair next weekends. I usually trade her binding services for quilting….and well at this time of year..I can’t quilt 8 quilts…LOL. So she is using my second long arm. It’s nice to have company during the say when I am so frequently by myself. Several times she said”Ok I need to work…I can’t multi-task like you” …LOL. Well darn it…I get a friend over and I chat their ears off..because I am not used to having anyone around…..Oh I hope when I am 80 my kid and grand kids come to visit or call me…I suddenly got a glimpse of why my grandma says she loves it when we call.

But poor Beth…LOL she got 4 quilts finished…She had to rip out a bit…..but it’s all a learning curve..she told me if she doesn’t show up tomorrow ….I can keep all the quilts. LOL Yeah..rough day for her.

Rob had a “talk” with the boys. They cleaned and organized their rooms..they look so nice….we have stuff to go to the good will. They also got half the family room painted..that is the project this week…so maybe by the end of the week we can have it finished…I think Rob is taking off Wednesday and Thursday….and he already has a 3 days weekend…so he can dedicate time to the house…I am at a point where I just want it done. I know this isn’t extreme case of home renovation…but I already have so much going on….I get bidgegity. Yes that’s a word. LOL

Tonight was bible study. That is such a good place to fall. I can be honest and be myself. Velma offered to adopt me. LOL Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I talked about that? That tinge? Velma didn’t know about that and she was just displaying her love for me…and I honestly LOVE her for that. I know God is just bringing me mothers and sisters in Christ to life/lift me up. I ask for that so many times….and when you are an unwanted child there is a void that is always there…I think only other unwanted children know that void. But I actually think I am beginning to feel some healing. When you let go and let God …amazing things happen.

So we are ending our study in psalms next week and starting in proverbs..if anyone wants to work along with me ..i will let you know what I am ready everyday? We can discuss it. If you want?

Well It’s getting late….I need to finish up my dinner and get some work done..have a blessed night.

4 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. I so enjoy you sharing you ups and downs in life with us you have a wonderful family and are truly blessed. Thank You.

  2. i realy apriciate you postes. if you post what you are working on in bible study ill try to read along im realy bad at getting as much reading done as i should but that might be a something to get me going. i can sympathise with some off the things your saying about child training i dont have teens yet but ive had to prioritize whats important and realise my kids are more important than having my house perfect and doing volinteer work. God bless

    1. Hi Lindy,
      Thanks! I will let you know what i am studying/reading. I know the house being perfect was such a hard thing to let go…I am embarrassed most of the time as to what my house looks like because i have let it get so bad…..We don’t have mold or critters or anything…just not as well kept as it should be…We always have to balance things…I have a hard time keeping the balance. I hope you have a great day!

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