1 Block Wonder, Black, white & read all over & food fun

Julie brought these projects to me. Her and her mom do great work….and I am always excited to see what they made.

What’s funny is I have 2 of these projects….the black & white one I completed years ago because it was a project through our LQS.  The food one is in my stash as well..I am making it for someone….and thought it would be fun.

this first one is a 1 block wonder …she chose beautiful fabrics and they came together so well.

867I quilted continuous curves some swirls and flower petals here and there. The background has charisma curls and its all framed in with a feather.868 869 870 871 872 873 874

Isn’t that back awesome? LOve!

875 876The pictures don’t really show the quilting much in the photos….I custom quilted each block …so cute!

877 878 879 880

This last one is a simple pieced pattern but all of the fabrics are so fun for the junk food junkies in all of us!

862 863 864 865 866just a simple stipple to bring it all together!

Thanks Julie & Betty…always fun to see what you ladies come up with!

Have a great day!


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